Greg became 1990 Downhill World Champion and US National Champion in downhill in ’88, ’89 an ’93. Great results, but there are more people out there that raced to comparable results, but definately aren’t as remembered as H-Ball is. A lot has to do with Greg’s flamboyant personality that makes him one of the most interesting personalities in mountainbike racing ever. In the nineties Greg even had his own fanclub - Club H-Ball. 

Greg also had the skills to contribute in the developing and the testing of many products. Of course for Miyata, but also companies like Rock Shox, Onza and Shimano liked to work with Greg.


Greg posing on a 12,000.

Greg competing in Dual Slalom.

Greg in the shed on his farm in Durango, Colorado. Once heard he never sells stuff. Seeing this pic I guess that must be true. 

Greg making serious airtime with his Yamaha.

Greg on the roof of his dunebuggy. Don't know anything on the cat.

Greg in Europe. In Europe he wore the Koga jersey.