FS Designs

The pototype bike pictured right can be considered the granddad of the first Miyata production FS models. This proto was based on a 1st gen bonded Miyata, but the later production models were 2nd gen. Very obvious difference is the addition of a swinglink for the production FS models.

H-Ball racing the proto downhill.

1993 Koga Miyata RidgeRunner-Suspension (RDG-S) - First production FS for Miyata. This Koga model came with full XTR and a lot high end stuff like Syncros post, stem... A specsheet can be viewed by clicking on the image. In the US this bike were marketed as Miyata Elevation 12,000.

1994 Koga Miyata SkyExpension - Yamaha shock and Showa forks.

1995 Koga Miyata SkyExpension - The pivotpoint near the bracket moved up. Now with RondWP HydroPro forks.

HardLite rear for the '93 RDG-S. 

For the '95 SkyExpension an Alloy rear and a modified swinglink.



Found this pic on a Japanese site. Don't know much about this design and my Japanese is also not so good, so can't tell much about it. What can be seen is that there is a Foes sticker on the toptube, so this must be one of the Foesbuilt Miyata's. Furthermore obvious is that it features the Unified Rear Triangle (URT) design that was very popular around '95/'96.   

More massive looking, but again the bracket integrated in the swingarm.



Greg Herbold racing his Elevation 12,000.