The Miyata story

Unfortunately I face some difficulties with my Japanese. Nevertheless I were able to dig up this information: Rivel manufacturer Miyata started building bikes in 1890. For the tubing they used the same productiontechniques as for a rivel's slot.

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On the right: H-Ball and Mr. Miyata.


The Koga Miyata story

Koga Miyata was founded in 1974. Koga saw light because its founders were of the opinion that there would be room for a really upscale bike manufacturer in Holland. The Koga brandname is a substraction of Kowallik and Gaastra. Andries Gaastra is the grandson of the person who founded Batavus. Kowallik is the famillyname of Andries’ wife. Their son Gerrit is now involved in idworx. A true bikefamilly. For the supply of frames Koga contacted Mr Miyata because they thought he would be able to supply them with great frames at a good price. Hence Koga Miyata was born. It would become a long term relationship.

Initially Koga Miyata grew big with racebikes and touringbikes. In about ‘84 they were one of the first to start with mountainbikes on the Dutch market. Late eighties, early nineties Koga was a respectable player with their mountainbikes on the Dutch market, but for some reason that faded. I guess it had a lot to do with cheaper imports from the US and Taiwan and the fact that Koga’s by some were considered as being quite heavy. They were also considered quite undestructable, but weight was simply the issue in those pre suspension days. 

In 1992 Andries sold the business to Atag.

Koga Miyata is still much bigger in racebikes, hybrids, touringbikes, randoneurbikes and upscale typical Dutch bikes. About their image overhere: When people think of Koga, people probably think of sheer luxery and quality. It is likely this is because they look pretty sophisticated, are well finished and normally come fully loaded. Unlike many other brands you almost never miss something on them.

Koga Miyata is part of the Accell group. Last year Accell was the biggest bicycle manafacturer in Europe. The company is listed in Amsterdam and is presenting really nice figures year after year for some years already.

Think I covered quite a lot now. When you’re finished on my site, check out what the Koga people are up to on
www.koga.com for the UK and the European continent and www.kogausa.com for the US.