Welded Alloy

Welded Alloy

Introduced in 1989.

1989 Koga Miyata SkyRunner

First aluminium MTB frame for Miyata. TIG welded frame built out of Miyata Alfrex 7000 tubing. Great welding quality!

XT groupset including post (with Hiterite), Nitto MT-54 stem and Tange Prestige bar.

1992 Koga Miyata TrailRunner

Frame with the same great welding quality, but now with more oversized tubing for increased stabilty and sturdiness. Also a monostay for the rear.

Very stable 6000 series aluminium Miyata FatMax forks in front. Blades bonded to crown, dropouts bonded to blades and revited bakebosses. Zero weld construction. Weight: 745 gram