1st generation bolted & bonded

Introduced in 1990. For those days exotic materials glued and bolted to massive, square shaped aluminium lugs.

1990 Koga Miyata SkyRunner Carbolite

Elevation 10,000 in the US. Three Carbolite tubes in the fronttriangle, Alloy lugs and stays. Tange Switchblades forks.

The Carbolite tubing on the 1st and 2nd gen bonded & bolted frames is actually carbon wrapped aluminium tubing; this was common in those days. The seat stays are bolt on. The bracketlug also counts for 4" of the chainstays. That part of the chainstays is square shaped.

An article on H-balls' Elevation 10,000 can be found in the 'In the press' section. 

1991 Miyata Elevation 5,000

Like the Elevation 10,000, but now full Alloy. On the bike pictured right: This particular example belonging to Herbold had a camera fitted for a short movie on downhilling down a vulcano. A click on the pic will lead you to another nice example. It is Chuck's Elevation 5,000 Offroad Tourer.

There is no Koga equivilent of this frame. A review on the '91 Miyata Elevation 5,000 can be found in the 'In the press' section. 



1991 Miyata Team

Greg Herbold signature model based on the aluminium Elevation 5,000. Featured in the Ringle Ad right. 

1990 Miyata Century

Shown at the Homepage. Goldplated special edition celebrating 100 years of Miyata bicycle manufacturing. Based on the Elevation 10,000.

The '90 and '91 modelyear compared:

For '91: Slimmer dropouts and a reworked, slimmer bracketlug with intergrated chainsuckteeth. Frame now fitting 1.125" headset and 73mm bracket, instead of 1" and 68mm. Furthermore toptube cablerouting and bolted instead of welded seatstaybridge and brakebosses. For the 10,000 this enabled the use of carbon for the stays.