2nd generation bonded & bolted

Introduced in 1992. Definately more svelte compared to its predecessor. Shaved down lugs and slimmer seat- and chainstays. Seatstays still bolt on, but now there is a monostay instead of 2 stays that go beyond the seattube and are bolted there. Chainstays are bridgeless and offer great tireclearance. By using the same alloy lugs Miyata created multiple framechoices by varying tubing. Tubing in titanium, carbolite and aluminium available for the fronttriangle. Titanium, carbolite, aluminium and even steel for the rear. In case of the steel rear the dropouts were brazed onto the seat- and chainstays. Those bikes with steel rear came as Koga ValleyRunnerAlloy in Europe and Miyata Elevation 2,000 in the US. 

A more detailed explanation of the Elevation 2,000 framefeatures can be found in the 'Ads' section. Most of those features also apply to the other 2nd gen bonded and bolted frames. 

1993 Koga Miyata SkyRunner Carbolite

In the fronttriangle 3 Carbolite tubes and also Carbolite for the stays. The alloy monostay is bolted to the seatlug and the seatstays are bolted to the dropouts. Bolt on brakebosses. Cableguides casted into tthe monostay or revited.

Miyata Elevation 10,000

Miyata's counterpart of the SkyRunner Carbolite, here ridden by Greg Herbold. This particular bike features a rear damper unit. The bolted monostay design enabled this modification. In fact it is now a softtail with no pivot near the bracket. 

1992 Koga Miyata SkyRunner Carbolite

Compared to the '93 modelyear SkyRunner it featured a much shorter headtube.

Frame weight: 1865 gram

1993 Koga Miyata TrailRunner Carbolite

Like the SkyRunner Carbolite, but now with alumium tubing for the reartriangle.

1995 Koga Miyata SkyCarbolite

Carbon fronttriangle, titanium reartriangle. The Softtail setup seen on this bike has never been marketed. Pic is of a pre production model.

RondWP in front.



1993 Koga Miyata TiRunner

Titanium front- and reartriangle.

Elevation 8,000 in the US.



1993 Koga Miyata TerraRunner

Alloy front- and reartriangle.

Elevation 5,000 in the US.

Greg Herbold on his Elevation 10,000.