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Over 100 years of framebuilding!

Since 1890 the people of Miyata in the land of the rising sun produce bikes of all kind. Bikes meant for utility purposes, but also very advanced bikes for succesfully competing. Miyata is even famous for its unicycles.


Koga Miyata

In 1974 Koga Miyata saw light. Using the Miyata frames the Koga concept was aimed at the upscale bikemarket in Holland. When you are out looking for a bike the seller will probably point out a Koga is to be considered the 'Roller' under the bikes. Not just cheap marketingtalk - Kogas are indeed classy and refined.


This website: On mountainbikes only

I am a not really into roadbikes, trekkingbikes etc. I won't serving visitors properly by covering those. This wedsite is solely on Miyata and Koga Miyata mountainbikes. Furthermore as the purpose is showing some nice Vintage stuff my coverage will end around mid nineties. 

On  those early (Koga) Miyata mountainbikes can be said that it were sturdy bikes and that serious Weight Weenies could better go elsewere. Furthermore Miyatas had a kind of quirkyness. Consider for example the boned & bolted models. Go check them out in the '1st gen bonded and bolted' and '2nd gen bolted and bolted' sections on this site.

An essential part in the whole Miyata mountainbikestory is of course Miyata's flamboyant Teamrider Greg Herbold, aka H-Ball, aka Hairball. Do I like this guy whether he choose riding the right bike? Or consider I Miyatas as the right bike because H-Ball rode them? Guess they were we just an excellent match. H-Ball is covered throughout the whole website and in a special section.


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